“Big Pharma Resistance of America” is an online research and outreach project whose mission is to raise public awareness of natural and cutting edge research and innovation in alternative health systems.

Although BPRA acts as a “watchdog” of the mainstream medical and multinational corporate pharmaceutical systems we are NOT so much overly focused on the inherent chaos which arises from politics and corruption in the “mainstream” medical system. These conditions will ALWAYS exist to some degree and one form or another. BPRA believes that if people BOTH outside AND inside of the health industries become more informed of current research, applications and future possibilities in the industry there will be a natural movement forward and the force of evolution will naturally overpower the forces of control and rigidity which inherently exist in ANY system.

As many of us are awakening to the accelerating pace of progress in science and the number of revolutionary discoveries being made it is now an even more crucial time to inform the global public of the details of this progress so that people can incorporate some of the more practical and cost efficient knowledge and technologies into their lives and thus become more independent of the mainstream system. If this isn’t achieved then people will get sucked further into the system, reap less of the lower cost and natural benefits of the new innovations and waste large amounts of their hard-earned money strengthening the corporate mainstream medical and Big Pharma systems’ monopolistic power which then makes it more difficult to attain access to the alternative options.

As the world becomes more connected through internet technology the formerly insurmountable monopolistic power of the corporate mainstream medical and pharmaceutical systems CAN now be tamed by arming the public with knowledge of alternatives to the system. As more people become informed and transparency increases it is also more difficult for the mainstream organizations to implement their monopolistic strategies. Most people who care about their health and the health of humanity and the environment will oppose unhealthy and corrupt practices in the system and support those which aim to achieve harmony. The only real way it seems possible to achieve such harmony is to maintain a well informed public.

We hope that everyone who explores our research will be able to use the knowledge to move further in the direction of living a healthy lifestyle free from dependence on the mainstream system which has traditionally taken a more rigid and reductionist perspective on health as opposed to the more holistic one which is a general characteristic of the alternative health paradigm.

If you enjoy and benefit from our research please feel free to share our blog posts, Facebook and Twitter pages with friends who you believe will also benefit.


BPRA Admin




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